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Together, we co-create a winning, value-driven strategy

How We Help Our Clients

With radical cost innovations and rapid changes in technology building and shifting consumer values like never before, we know businesses need more than simple analytical frameworks to succeed.

Market Research

Understanding your competition

  • Reveal Market Size and Competition,

  • Determine Market Positioning

  • Pricing Segmentation

Interviews w/ Stakeholders

Understanding your company

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Past, present and future

Consumer Survey

Understanding your customers

  • Map out customer purchase journey

  • Reveal brand positioning

  • Generate new customer leads

Strategy Workshop

Diagnosis and Action plan: 

  • Define Strategic Goals (Long & Short)

  • Define Competitive Edge

  • Define Market positioning, Products, Pricing, Sales & Marketing Channels

  • Action Plan & Monitoring Progress

Strategy as a Service  (StraaS) is all about co-creating a winning, value-driven strategy. You bring the expertise and knowledge of your organization, people and markets. We bring our expertise, technology and knowledge of data analysis, strategy design, consumer insights, business model innovation, engagement, and communication.


Together, we design a dynamic and action-oriented framework that is data-driven and moves your people and the needle of your business towards realizing its vision.

Our Offerings

Eligible clients might qualify for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) for Strategic Brand and Marketing Development where SMEs can receive up to 80% support of qualified costs; non-SMEs up to 60% from 1 April 2020 to 31 December 2020.

We would provide assistance in the application of the grants but cannot gaurantee the success of the application.

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Compared to conventional methods:

Cost of

KHI's Strategy as a service

From S$9,750


Cost of

Market Research


(Based on GEBIZ samples of similar scopes)



Business Strategist


Annual Salary


From S$69,500

What our clients say:

Darren Neo, Vertical Green

Keyhole Insights helped us to achieve our mid and long term strategy plans as well as providing us with the necessary tools to run our business efficiently. Highly recommended for companies looking for a breakthrough in their current strategies!

Genevivie, Benithem

Company's strategy give direction for employees’ behavior and help provide clear vision. For companies ready to take your business to the next level, I strongly suggest you look for KeyHole Insights.

Chong Han San, Q Menswear

After the strategy workshop done by Keyhole Insights, we were able to in a short time agree and pinpoint exactly what is our company's strategy. We took the findings and clearly communicated our company's strategy and strength to the management team and rest of the company, which is great now since everyone is aligned on our vision!“

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