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Since KeyHole Insights began in 2018, we’ve provided our services to a variety of businesses. On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand their core objectives and goals. Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - take a look, and get in touch to learn more.

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    Business Feasibility Study - Market Research

    Uncovering opportunities in a Post-COVID 19 world

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    Digital retail strategy assist brand to accelerate Market Penetration

    Strategy as a Service - Assisting FMCG company to globalize

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    Optimizing the Right Tenant Mix

    Industrial Development in Indonesia

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    Transforming a Legacy Brand - Pricing Strategy

    Understanding new-age parents to provide more than just nostalgia

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    “Step-up” Business Transformation - Change Transformation

    Start from the top, Lead with culture

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