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Global Industry Outlook - Mother & Baby Care

The global market size for baby care products is expected to reach 104 billion USD by 2025 of which, China takes up a huge portion of this growing pie, leading in terms of revenue and price growth for multiple product categories.

In the diapers category, China is likely to reach 12.1 billion USD, which is about 22% of the global diapers market. Besides, China's average price of $5.54 per unit is comparable to the global's price of $5.85 per unit.

Besides, with the rising awareness for health and environmental concerns, parents are also shifting towards more organic and natural poducts for their newborn, e.g. diapers, wet wipes, baby food.

To manfucturers and retailers, there is huge potential in the baby care market, especially in China. However, it is also crucial to understand your consumers to accurately cater to their changing preferences. As e-commerce becomes increasingly popular among young consumers, brands would need to adopt their brand strategy to optimise their channels. (Read next: Consumer purchase funnel - Mother & Baby Industry)


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