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10 Feb 2020 updates: Wuhan announced the death of the whistleblower doctor

As of 10 Feb 2020 10:00am SGT, China added 3,073 new confirmed cases on 9 Feb, bringing the total to 40,325 while new suspected cases rose by 4,008 to 23,589. While new confirmed cases grew 3,073 compared to 2,657 the day prior, it is a quarter less than the peak of nearly 4,000 cases on 4 Feb. The rise in new confirmed cases was largely due to an increase of new cases in Hubei (+2,618), particularly in Wuhan (+1,921), while new confirmed cases outside of Hubei fell for the 6th consecutive day.

Total deaths and recoveries divergence continues, with total recovery (3,283) now 3.3 times that of total deaths (909). Overall nationwide case-fatality rates stand at 2.2%, led by rates closer to 3% in Hubei, in part due to inability of healthcare system to cope.

As we are likely to see resurgence in cases due to the returning Chinese workforce from springbreak, it is still early to tell if the worst is over. Up until now, new economy firms such as Alibaba, iQiyi and NetEase are already seeing some boost from increased consumption of online goods and services. It will be a crucial week to watch, not just in terms of health stats, but also how global manufacturing supply chain can resume normal operations.

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